Bug-A-Salt Review – Does the Bug-A-Salt Gun Really Work?


Forgive the digression, but when an invention comes along that literally changes the course of mankind, we believe it deserves mention here on AskTheManager.com.

  • The wheel
  • The automobile
  • The personal computer
  • The Internet
  • Coke Zero,
  • The iPhone
  • … and now, Bug-A-Salt!

Yes, Bug-A-Salt – or, more specifically, the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun – is a pretty spectacular invention. It is truly worth every penny if you have flying insects you’d like to exterminate without harmful chemicals and without looking like a hillbilly waving around your flyswatter. 

When I first purchased my Bug-A-Salt, I wasn’t 100% certain how it worked. It looks a little like a large squirt gun (you know, a little like a SuperSoaker) so I figured it was going to be a little messy (mixing water with salt). But wait; there is no water used to kill pesky flies and wasps, just plain old table salt that comes out of your Bug-A-Salt (sometimes misspelled Bug-Assault or Bug-Asalt) like it was fired from a shotgun.

When you fire the Bug-A-Salt at your target, you want to be no more than a foot or two away. The salt comes out fast, but slows down quickly as physics takes over. (On a side note, AND NOT RECOMMENDED, we fired our Big-A-Salt from two feet away at a volunteer’s naked back and it stung. It stung a lot.)

Probably not a great gun for indoor use – since you’ll end up with a little bit of salt on your floors with each use – but a terrific and highly recommended way to kill flies, bees, wasps and even crawlers like spiders and ants. The best part about the Bug-A-Salt is that it’s just stinking good fun to use.

5 Stars!!!

From TheManager