Why Southern California Salespeople Should Be Killing It

Why Southern California Salespeople Should Be Killing It

I’ve been working with dealer-clients in Southern California this year and I am absolutely shocked at how many 8-Car Alans and 10-Car Tinas they have on their teams. While nearly every dealer in America has a couple of 8-Car Alans, there’s no excuse for this in Southern California. Absolutely no excuse.

Why? Because to a man or woman, these chronic underperformers are driving more than an hour each day just to get to and from their dealerships. What in the hell are they doing with all this free (and valuable) time? I’ll tell you what they’re not doing; they’re not perfecting their craft or even improving their lives. They’re simply joining the zombie herds on the highway blasting they’re favorite entertainment via their car’s speakers.

What a waste of time.

Imagine if instead of listening to music or sports or news talk radio, they used these 250+ hours each year to learn how to overcome objections, how to set and sell appointments, or how to create a better customer experience?

By using these 250 wasted hours to listen to audio books or free sales training videos on YouTube, they would quickly rise to the top. They would quickly begin killing it. Within a few months, Southern California would produce no more 8-Car Alans or 10-Car Tinas. Instead, we’d all be in awe of how every dealer in those markets was staffed with only 30-Car Theos and 25-Car Tessas.

Of course, SoCal is not the only market in the US with lousy traffic and long commutes. So, my question to you is: Why are you wasting the 100-300+ hours you’re spending behind the wheel each year? Why aren’t you using this time to better yourself?

Face it: There’s no excuse for being an 8-Car Alan.

(Click for my free sales training videos on YouTube or click for a list of free video training for car dealers by job title.)

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