What’s Your Excuse?

The 15 Things Anyone Can Do To Succeed In Work & In Life

(One of the 83 quick and practical life & work lessons from Sh*t Sandwich: Quick & Practical Success Lessons for Practically Anyone.)

the 15 things anyone can do to succeed in work and in lifeWhat’s Your Excuse?

You’ve likely viewed meme after meme displaying the 10 Things That Require Zero Talent – they’re everywhere. The original list is so spot on, it’s also spawned blog post after blog post explaining what each of the ten mean in detail.

Whether it’s the original ten that have been overpublished or these fifteen, it’s critical to understand that these success drivers are the difference makers for employers when deciding who to promote, who to let go, who to give bonuses to, etc. Interestingly, they’re also the difference makers for managers wanting to get the most from their teams. (In other words, we should all heed these regardless of where we are on the org chart.)

These are the great equalizers: they cut through gender and race and religion and sexual orientation. There is no bullshitting these: they either describe you or they do not. Live these fifteen and you’ll always be in demand. No more excuses.

If you find any of these difficult to live, remember that they are just fifteen little shit sandwiches you must eat if you wish to succeed in business and life at the most basic level:

  1. Be Early.
  2. Bring a Positive Work Ethic.
  3. Be Humble.
  4. Apply Effort.
  5. Be Eager.
  6. Act Energetic.
  7. Maintain a Good Attitude.
  8. Display Passion.
  9. Be Coachable.
  10. Do a Little Extra.
  11. Be Prepared.
  12. Use Good Manners.
  13. Respect Others.
  14. Have a Servant Attitude.
  15. Be a Good Person.

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