Don’t Overthink This

Shit sandwiches are not complicated

(One of the 83 quick and practical life & work lessons from Sh*t Sandwich: Quick & Practical Success Lessons for Practically Anyone.)

Don’t Overthink ThisDon’t Overthink This

I’m hopeful by now you understand that eating a shit sandwich is not always about getting the promotion and does not always mean agreeing with your boss. A shit sandwich is simply the unpleasantness you must digest to attain your goals.

If your goal is to keep receiving a paycheck (not necessarily a bad goal), then your shit sandwiches might very well be constantly agreeing with your boss. If your goal is to live your life with as little disruption and complication as possible – to be able to go home without bringing your work home with you – then your shit sandwiches might be the potential promotions you are deciding to forego. Of course, if your goal is to never have to deal with assholes, the shit sandwich you eat might be saying goodbye to your workplace friends and finding a job where you can work from home with your cat and your treadmill desk.

Eating a shit sandwich can be capitulating and allowing the status quo to remain, or it can be standing up and calling it like you see it. The difference is your goal. So long as you are comfortable with your goal and you understand the shit sandwiches that stand between you and that goal, then you should feel free to decide your own path.

The problem for most every human being on earth is that there is too much focus on the here and the now. With so little real attention paid to the ultimate goal, their decision making is flawed and they either eat too many shit sandwiches or not enough. It’s why so many people reading this book haven’t achieved anything close to what they feel their talents, education and abilities should have produced.

Don’t overthink this; there is one goal we should all share, and that is to live a life with no regrets. It’s been said many times and in many different ways, but no one on their death bed regrets taking chances. If they have regrets, it’s that they didn’t follow their dreams.

Stop reading this post and write your dream on a piece of paper; then put this paper where you will see it every day.

Finally, every time that you see this paper ask yourself “What could I be doing right now to achieve this dream?” If your answer is something other than what you are doing, it’s time to carve out a little more time for your real goals and a little less time for the day-to-day.

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