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corporate acronym cartoonEOD FITB

EOD = end of the day.

FITB = fill in the blanks.

Many times when we think we’re working steadfastly towards our goals, we find that we’re mostly completing a lot of busy work along the way. Of course, with every job there are tasks that don’t necessarily bring us closer to our goals; though because they’re required, we have no choice but to complete them.

The obstacles of our goal attainment are not these required tasks that sometimes fill our day, but those that are optional; those that we create for ourselves. These are called self-inflicted time wasters.

Time is, undoubtedly, the most precious commodity any of us possess, because it cannot be bought or saved. It passes at the same rate for the rich as it does the poor. Once it’s gone, it’s gone; it cannot be resurrected.

Understanding this, you can imagine how critical it is for all of us to eliminate these self-inflicted time wasters if we truly wish to achieve our goals. One of the simplest ways to uncover and attack your own self-inflicted time wasters is to spend two minutes at the end of each day completing two fill-in-the-blank exercises, your EOD FITB:

Today, I am most proud that I ______________________________________.

Today, I would like to have not _____________________________________.

The first blank is filled daily with those activities that brought you closer to your goals, while the second blank is filled with those worthless, self-inflicted time wasters that rob you of your most precious possession: time.

Do this every day and eventually you’ll have nothing to write in the second blank… oh, and you’ll have achieved your dreams with plenty of time to spare.

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