Are Two Different Things

saying are two different things is an annoying business term

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Are Two Different Things

It seems nearly any two things in life and in business are two different things. As in, “Saying you’re going to lose weight and actually doing it are two different things.”

No crap? Are they really?

Ugh, so annoying.

This is an unnecessary phrase that must disappear. It conveys nothing but negativity and disbelief; and it’s most often used by passive-aggressive managers. For example, they’ll often use are two different things after they come out of a meeting with their boss where they “committed” to the leader’s vision; albeit with a poorly-masked passive-aggressive response such as, “If that’s the direction you want, we’ll do everything we can to achieve it.”

Later, when they gather with their cohorts, they’ll express their disbelief in the vision by saying, “Well, setting his goal and actually achieving it are two different things.”

Yeah; especially with a schmuck like you working for him!

Certainly, there are an infinite number of pairs of things that are two different things; yet this phrase is only used when the differences are obvious. This, of course, makes it doubly-annoying.

Indeed, saying something and actually doing that something are two different things. They are always two different things! Always!

How about committing now to stop using this annoying phrase?

Of course, saying you’re going to stop saying it and actually no longer saying it are two different things, aren’t they?

Replacement phrases: No replacement needed – just stop already!

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