bottleneck - annoying business term

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To be clear, saying bottleneck is fine when you mean bottleneck. That is, when you’re referring to a step in a process where progress is obstructed.

Bottleneck, you see, correctly refers to a restricted flow, if you will. It does not, however, mean every hindrance, hurdle, or obstruction you encounter on your path to your goals.

This phrase is only annoying when used incorrectly. Unfortunately, in the business world, it’s nearly always used incorrectly.

If you’re designing workflows through multiple stations – let’s say in a factory – and one station is holding up the flow of goods because they cannot produce their portion of the project at the same speed as the other stations; you have a legitimate bottleneck.

Conversely, if you have a salesman who is underperforming; you have an underperforming salesman. Please slap yourself in the face if you find yourself describing this salesman as a bottleneck, as in, “We’d hit our number if only Tyler wasn’t such a bottleneck.”

The only bottleneck in this instance is your own neck. It’s limiting the blood flow to your brain. Add a dictionary app to your smartphone and start using it. This may help you sound less foolish in business situations.

Replacement phrases: Obstruction; Hindrance; Issue

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