The (Blank) Piece

the (blank) piece annoying business phrase cartoon

(The __________ Piece is an annoying business term and is just one of the 212 Most Annoying Business Phrases Managers Effuse, Confuse, and Overuse detailed in the hilarious must-have guide for every workplace: The 30,000-Pound Gorilla in the Room. Available right now on Amazon.)

The (Blank) Piece

You’ve heard it and it made you cringe. Just as the meeting was about to end, some annoying coworker or manager couldn’t help herself, “Wait, we haven’t addressed the logistics piece yet.”


Not only was this worthless meeting about to conclude, but now someone has initiated what we like to call the blank piece challenge.

Almost immediately after we learn we need to discuss the logistics piece, someone else chimes in about the IT piece… then the billing piece… then the customer service piece… then… you get it.

They. Won’t. Shut. Up.

Everything is now in flux because everything is now a piece deserving its own extended discussion.

The blank piece is an odd phenomenon among annoying business phrases. Unlike most terms in this book, this one is like the flu. It comes into the office; spreads quickly; infects nearly everyone; then disappears for months.

That is, until someone feels there’s been too little attention being paid to the admin piece… then the sales piece… then… Ugh! Enough about the piece!

Replacement phrases: Strike “the” and “piece” from this saying and you’ll be fine.

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The 30,000-Pound Gorilla in the Room is available on Amazon

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