Run Interference

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Run Interference

The precise meaning on this one is not always clear. Your annoying manager will tell you, “I need you to run interference for me on this one.” Yet, what does that mean in this case?

The last time she said it, you were expected to be the point person on a project; though in an earlier instance, you were tasked with keeping the client in the dark. Of course – and this is the most annoying part – neither of those fits the literal definition of run interference, which is to protect someone from distractions or interruptions.

If this is what you’re asking, then we are less annoyed. If you’re looking for us to protect you from distractions, there really isn’t a good replacement phrase in this case. However, if you just want us to keep someone in the dark, say that. If you want us to take charge of a project, say that.

However, if you just enjoy shoehorning run interference into everything we face day to day in the workplace, then please shut up.

Replacement phrases: No replacement needed when used correctly. In all other instances just say what you mean.

See also: Point Person; Direct the Traffic

The 30,000-Pound Gorilla in the Room is available on Amazon

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