Seamless Integration

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Seamless Integration

When you read the title of this one you likely thought, “Hmm, why wouldn’t we want seamless integration? Sounds beneficial.”

You’re correct. Everyone with a stake in an integration should want it to go seamlessly. The annoyance with this one occurs when seamless integration is used to describe the desired outcome of everything.

Seamless integration is one of those annoying phrases someone latches onto because it makes them (they believe) sound intelligent. Suddenly and forever, everything requires a seamless integration.

“We’ll want to ensure there’s a seamless integration with the new code we’re adding to the software.”

This usage is correct.

“Be sure we have a seamless integration with the new printers in the office.”

This usage is borderline annoying.

“It’s critical the relocated employees have a seamless integration into their new workspace.”

This usage hurts our heads.

“Let’s be certain we get a seamless integration with the caterer for tomorrow’s meeting.”

This usage makes us want to harm someone.

Replacement phrases: Perfect; Perfectly; Though, in the rare instance this is used correctly, there’s no replacement phrase needed.

See also: Synergistically; Sync

The 30,000-Pound Gorilla in the Room is available on Amazon

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