Car Sales 101: Everyone is a Buyer

car selling tips: everyone is a buyer

Car Sales 101: Everyone is a Buyer

The easiest way for most salespeople to start selling more vehicles today is to understand that everyone is a buyer. Everyone.

No offense, but most consumers don’t like talking to salespeople. If you have an Up in front of you or on the phone, this is great news! It means they’re a buyer who wants to buy today!

The most successful automotive salespeople I’ve ever met assume everyone is a buyer until they prove they are not. Conversely, mediocre salespeople believe everyone is tire-kicker until they prove they really want to buy. Do you see the difference?

If you believed someone wasn’t a buyer, why would you try? Why would you bother to take them through all the steps of your road-to-the-sale? Why would you want to waste your time on nonbuyers? You wouldn’t, so you don’t. In the end, you prove yourself correct.

Why Everyone is a Buyer

Successful sellers treat everyone as a buyer because eventually, everyone is a buyer. Waiting for someone to tell you they’re finally ready to buy today from you will result in a trip to the unemployment line.

If a prospect took the time to complete an online form, call your dealership, or drive to your lot, they are looking for someone to help them purchase their next vehicle. The average vehicle buyer spends more than three weeks “in market” researching vehicles before they ever connect with a dealership. During this time, they conduct almost a dozen hours of online research. What do you think they want most when they finally decide it’s time to visit or contact a dealership?

Treat any of them like a tire-kicker, and they’ll be buying elsewhere.

When you believe everyone is a buyer you will slow down and follow your road-to-the-sale. You’ll build value in you, the dealership, and the vehicle as you stay in control of your customer. Moreover, you won’t allow smokescreen objections to change your mind. After all, they are a buyer who wants to buy today… from you.

But They’re Just Doing Research

No, they’re not.

Of course, if you believe them, you’ll be sending them off to buy across town.

“We’re not ready to buy; we’re just doing research,” is a smokescreen objection. It’s used by buyers who are afraid to pull the trigger. They like you and they like the vehicle, they’re just indecisive. Believing them and sending them on their way with a promise to “touch base” next week might feel like the right approach. It’s not. Because everyone is a buyer who wants to buy today. These folks just need your help.

If you believe they really are buyers who want to buy today, then your response to this very common objection is easy. Using AIM (an effective old-school technique that still works today) is most often the best approach:

Customer (just before the demo drive): “We’re not ready to buy today; we’re just doing research.”

Acknowledge: That makes perfect sense! It’s important to do your research to make sure this is the right vehicle for you.

Ignore: Of course, our inventory changes almost hourly, and this vehicle will be long gone by the time you’re ready to buy.

Move On: So, let’s do this. Let’s go ahead and take the Equinox for a quick test drive to make sure it’s the vehicle you want to own. When we get back from the test drive, we’re going to give you all the numbers so that you can go home and make an informed decision. How’s that sound?

Unless they hate the vehicle, they’ll allow you to continue to move them through your road-to-the-sale. Why? Because everyone is a buyer!

They Need Your Permission

I was once told by a successful sales manager more than a decade ago that the average customer needed our “permission” to buy a vehicle. That is, they were looking to the salesperson and the manager to let them know it was okay to pull the trigger.

That was true then, and it’s true today. When you believe everyone is a buyer who wants to buy today, you’ll stay in control and take the necessary actions that signal to the customer that it’s okay for them to buy today from you. They have your permission!

Good Selling!
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