Game Changer

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Game Changer

By the way, it’s not just game changer, it’s also game changing, and any other iteration of change combined with game that makes for an ear-bleedingly annoying business term.

To be clear, “game anything” is annoying unless you’re speaking about an actual game. In business, those prone to exaggeration love to dub everything as a game changer.

Honestly, though, how many games have ever really been changed? In the history of all games, sports, and similar activities, how often has one been truly changed; genuinely transformed? The dunk in basketball, the forward pass in football, the designated hitter in baseball. Those were game changers.

Today, wearing a shirt designed specifically to be worn untucked has been labeled a game changer. Hint: it’s not; it’s not even an improvement. (Moreover, those of you overpaying for this privilege have been duped.)

In fact, almost nothing crowned as a game changer today does anything to change any game, or business, or style, or… you get it.

Labelling every improvement as a game changer is the worst kind of faux bluster, and annoying to those of us just trying to keep score.

Replacement phrases: Innovation; Change; Improvement

See also: Disruptor

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