Lost in the Sauce

Lost in the Sauce annoying business phrase cartoon

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Lost in the Sauce

When we hear someone in business use lost in the sauce, we cringe; then we picture a giant pot of marinara on a stove just as something unsavory falls into it. Now, we’re slightly nauseous.

Of course, what we’re not doing is listening to the annoying hipster who wants his message to be so clear that he muddies it up with idiotic sayings.

This saying is annoying on the surface; however, its rise in recent years has also led to confusion regarding its meaning. Sometimes, you’ll hear lost in the sauce from the bigmouth in your office referring to a coworker’s confusion. Other times, it will come from the mouth of some mid-level manager suffering from severe egomania warning his “inferiors” of an important point that’s getting lost in the details.

Either way, it’s infuriating. Lost in the sauce rolls off their tongues so cleanly (in their minds) they cannot stop saying it.

Suddenly everything starts to get lost in the sauce, including the meaning of lost in the sauce.

Replacement phrases: Confused; Lost in the details

See also: Devil is in the Detail; It’s All in the Details

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