On the Same Page

On the Same Page annoying business phrase cartoon

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On the Same Page

The only time it’s okay to utter on the same page in business is when you and someone else are reviewing copies of the same document, and you want to be certain you are both referring to the same word, sentence, paragraph, section, or clause.

Are you literally on the same page? This doesn’t mean you’re in agreement, it simply means you’re both referencing the same thing.

Annoyingly, when used in business, on the same page most often means in agreement. If that’s what you’re inferring with on the same page, then just say in agreement. As in, “I’m hopeful we’re in agreement on this proposal.”

The problem with most ineffective managers is they use on the same page to manufacture agreement where it does not (and probably should not) exist.

“Come on team; let’s get on the same page with this one!”

In other words, your annoying boss is trying to cajole everyone to agree with his position and/or opinion. He’s given up trying to gain agreement based on the merits or facts. Instead, he’s reaching for a hackneyed phrase to make your concerns with his position seem trivial.

As if getting everyone on the same page was not just the smartest thing to do, but that disagreeing with him was somehow bad for the rest of the team; perhaps even bad for society as a whole.

As always, his position strives for the greater… strike that… greatest good; so, any disagreement on your part means you’re not just dumb, you’re uncaring. Shame on you! Can’t we just get on the same page already?

Replacement phrases: In agreement

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